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Let American Brick Paving maintain your existing brick paver installations. We offer complete service to repair, clean, and seal your brick pavers and retaining walls.

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The hot summer sun, ice and snow in the winter, and rain any time of the year will eventually lead to wear and tear, along with fading of your brick paved outdoor hardscape. Having a professional brick paving company properly restore and seal your outdoor living space will keep it looking new while also providing a sealed barrier against future damage from the normal weather conditions throughout the year.

Regular maintenance and preventative measures like sealing are critical if you want to keep your outdoor hardscape looking great.  Besides the regular weather conditions, grilles, cars, lawn care products, and other outside objects and/or materials can damage the beauty and appeal of brick pavers and decorative concrete. If you notice the wear and tear and you want your patio or driveway restored to its past glory, it’s time to call Great American Brick Paving. We have the right solutions to restore your patio and any other hardscape you have in mind to the way it looked when first installed.

How does the process work?

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    First, contact us! We’ll have one of our brick paving specialists out to your home within 48 hours to discuss your project needs and discuss how to make your project successful. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and deep commitment to customer care, and we’ll provide the best price we can for a quality restoration.

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    Once you receive your quote, as well as other quotes you may be collecting, please schedule a follow-up call with your Great American Brick Paving specialist to discuss your quote.

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    Upon Acceptance, we’ll schedule our team to complete the work. We begin by using state of the art cleaning equipment. The professional, quality cleaning products we use were specifically developed to restore and maintain brick pavers and concrete. Regardless of the condition, your outdoor living space will look like new when we’re done with the restoration cleaning process.

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    Once your job is complete, we'll contact you  in the future (3 to 4 years) to ensure your brick has the same great look and feel.  We'll make sure your brick is well kept to avoid any costly repairs.

For quality, experienced, and affordable repair or restoration, call Great American Brick Paving today!

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