Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Retaining Walls

Great American Brick Paving has years of successful industry experience in brick paving installation services. A new driveway, walk, or patio will add a fresh new look to your residential or commercial property. Our team of design and installation experts work with a full range of materials to meet the requirements of every customer.

All you have to do is call us to get the process of turning driveways, patios and walkways into property-enhancing spaces for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

We’ll set up an appointment and meet at your home to discuss your vision. We’ll provide a detailed estimate for your review. Then we’ll focus on providing a quality installation with any type of paving brick and natural stone you desire. Our experience with many installations over many years makes for high quality craftsmanship. We proudly provide a 5 year guarantee on every brick paver installation we complete.

The nice thing about brick paver patios? They’re relatively low maintenance, attractive, and they are also weather-resistant.  Paver patios, driveways, and walkways last because the pavers can easily be replaced without having to replace the entire installation. Great American Brick Paving offers many different patio designs, patterns, colors, and materials to choose from, and we can make it any shape you want as well.   

Retention Walls

In addition to driveways, patios, and walkways, Great American Brick Paving is happy to offer the installation of retention walls. Properly installed retention walls work to prevent soil erosion and keep steps and driveways from caving in. Some options of retaining walls such you can choose from:

  • Anchored Walls – these include a cable reinforcement anchored into the area’s rock and soil
  • Cantilevered Walls - hold horizontal pressure & convert it into vertical pressure
  • Gravity Walls – resist the pressure from behind
  • Piling Walls - for use in tight spaces and soft soils

Great American Brick Paving’s professional designers and installers will guide you with knowledge on the right areas where retaining walls will need to be built. As with everything we do, the highest quality materials and craftsmanship will be used in their installation.  


For quality, experienced, and affordable repair or restoration, call Great American Brick Paving today!

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